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you have access to all the same great
library resources that students have in Login,
which talk about in this article.

USU library Study Rooms

As USU library students, you will likely be assigned
research projects where you will need to find
reliable information.

And, as you may have
already found by searching Google,

many scholarly
journals & magazine articles are not freely
available online,

but by searching through
USU library database,

you can get past those paywalls
and access millions of great resources that
you otherwise would not have access to it.

the cool thing about our libraries is that if
you find an article that for some reason the
the library does not have access to,

you can
request it through inter the usu library loan and us
can email you a PDF copy within 48 hours.

All you need to do to find these sources is
to log into the library website with you
a-number and banner password.

Once you
successfully logged in, you can view articles
from anywhere you have an internet connection.


USU Library Database

Using usu library database is a great place to
do research for your papers because not only
do they include peer-reviewed articles, which
are written and reviewed by experts in the

but you can also find current magazines,
newspapers, and encyclopedia entries, which
are great for background information.

On top
of this, our usu library database also work well with
citation managers such as Zotero & Endnote,

USU library database By Subject

Animal, Dairy & Veterinary
Applied Economics
Landscape Architecture
Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science
Plant, Soils & Climate

USU Libraries Database by Title

USU Library Databases

so if that something you’re interested
in, feel free to ask us more about those services!

Another resource you will probably need throughout
your time at USU library books.

Our library has
a large collection of eBooks which you can
access by logging in with your a-number and

You can then search for them in
the library catalog on our website at libraries.usu.edu.
If the book is available electronically,

or you really prefer physical books, the Merrill-Cazier
Library on the Logan campus can send you books
from our physical collection to your home,
free of charge,

along with a prepaid return

All you need to do to request a book
is to log in to our interlibrary loan system

& make sure you select Distance
as your usu library campus location.

What exactly is Usu library database?

A database like Academic Search Premier or LexisNexis is both illustrated. There are search engines for articles like this only after you submit a search paper.

You can find ur search so that you only get articles. Narrow your searching keywords & print the full text of articles.

So if you want an article that is also referred to as a reviewed article, you flip through the journal that may contain 5 or 6 articles.

But you can do better than searching a database that contains hundreds of journals and thousands of articles.

Research Database

You can find ur search so that you only get articles. Narrow your searching keywords & print the full text of articles.

You can find ur search so that you only get articles. Narrow your searching keywords & print the full text of articles. but it is best to research for a database that includes 100 journals & 1000 articles.

Your library will then subscribe to more than 200 databases and take you to a large list of databases to match your chain most closely and start searching.

USU Library research assignments

We know that research assignments can be stressful and it can be overwhelming to try to locate
relevant information, but as USU library students,

you have access to many resources that will
help make this process a lot easier, including
our wonderful librarians!

At USU we have 27
research librarians, with each specializing
in a specific discipline ranging from economics
to music to psychology!

No matter what your
major, there a librarian who has ample
experience in your subject,

just type in your
major or subject under Meet with a Librarian
to find the librarian best suited to help

Also, another thing to remember is that on
the lower left-hand side of each of your canvas
courses is a research help tab.

This links
to a guide filled with helpful research tips
specific to that class,

and it will also provide
the contact information for your class
the personal librarian who you can set up an appointment
with to get help.

If you need quick live assistance from a librarian
you can always use our chat box which you
can find on the library homepage.

Here you
can get help finding and evaluating information

integrating library resources into
your paper, and a lot more!

Finally, if you
need additional help with the online research
process in general,

you can always reach out
to our online librarian, Teagan Eastman, or
to our Statewide Campuses Librarian, Erin.

We are always happy to help you and remember,
the USU libraries database are your libraries, no matter
where you are!

USU Eastern Library Price

Types of items Amount per day

  • Recollect $1
  • Standard $.25
  • CDs, DVDs, contextual books $1
  • For examine items (3hours) $6 for first and $1 for rest hours

Utah State University Library almost have :

  • printed books & journals – 2 million
  • e-books -7.6 million
  • digital journals – 60,000
  • authorities publications – 480,000

University of Utah:

The library is named after Milton R. Merrill, former vice president of Utah State University and president of the former Utah State University in Crazia, Stanford.

  • University of Utah

USU Automation enhances the storage hours of the USE Library.

The Utah government is divided into 3 branches;

  1. Executive
  2. Lawyer
  3. Judicial.

The Army and the House of Representatives are included in the Utah State Legislature.

The Utah Legislature met in January for its 45-day annual session.

Utah has been divided into political jurisdictions and has been designated as one of the 29 countries since 1918.


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  • Archival Resources
  • Newspapers

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