The Game of Life Rules 2021: how much money do you start within the game of life

Hai Friends.. Today’s game is my brother’s favorite game.. name of the game is LIFE. If you are looking for a game to play with your kids, then I will highly recommend this game. because it has a lot of fun elements.. your kids will definitely like this game. And know about the game of Life Rules.

The game of Life.. very simple box, with a lot of kid-friendly pictures.. this is an 8+ age limit game.. 2-4 players.. average playing time is not mentioned.. but this may take 1 to 2 hours. Let’s unbox it.. let’s go over the game components.

How to play The Game of Life

starting with the game board.. you can see a life progression in this board.. starting with a collage path or career path.. 

A player can start either from a college path or career path then progress through Life to retirement.. as you know the Life is like a roller coaster ride.. may go through many events. 

this game is also like that till it reaches retirement.. next is spinning wheel.. money pack with many denomination.. 99 player cards.. 

4 player cars.. this is people peg.. 24 people pegs are there.. blue for male and rose for a female.. pet pegs.. this has cat and dog. there are 12 such pegs.. this is spin to win player tokens.. next is playing cards. 

5 categories are there.. house, action, career, college career, pet.. these cards are shuffled and place in front.. need a banker in this game The Game of Life Rules for you.

each time a player crosses payday.. the banker has to give the salary.. also if a player runs out of money, they can take a loan from the banker.. next each player must choose a path.

 as I mentioned earlier.. the college path and career path are there.. player who chose the college path.. has to give 100k to the bank as a tuition fee before the game begins.. also the college path will take a long time to reach the first payday.

 but the advantage is during graduate they will get a better job.. player who chose career path will take top 2 cards from careers deck..

 got Singer and Race Car Driver.. will check the salary.. Singer gets 70k and Race Car Driver gets definitely I am going to choose Singer career..

The Game of Life Rules

 place it face up and return the other Card to the bottom of the deck.. all career card has a bonus number.. Singer career card bonus number is 3.. 

whenever someone spins 3 they pay you 20k.. means anytime other player spins for a 3.. that player must pay 20k the player with Singer career.. 

Starting the game.. each player has to poptheir people and pet peg in their car.. and place it on their chosen path.. 

Rose player goes to college path and yellow player career path.. Let’s start the game.. 

The objective of the game is for each player to follow-through life path and reaches retirement.. the unexpected adventures during the course of this journey is this game’s fun. 

any player can start the game.. let’s say player A starting the game.. he spins the roller.. the number he got.. 

which is 2.. he moves that many spaces forward.. Payday is an important section in this game..when a player cross or land on a payday.. in the game of life rules

he will get salary from the bank.. the player get the salary equivalent to the salary mentioned in his career card.

Card game Rules golf

let’s say that playerlands on payday he gets additional 100k as bonus from the bank.. in this example.. 

players landed on payday, so he will get 70K salary + 100k bonus.. so 170k player A will get from the banker.. next is player B’s turn.. he spins the roller.. and move that many spaces forward as in the roller.

 player B landed on circle action space.. Action cards are the most fun in this game..player B takes an action card.. he got bonus payday.. 

says – ‘choose another player Tobe your boss and tell them a joke.. if the laugh collect a bonus payday from the bank’..

we need to tell a joke and if the other player laughs then we will get 1 payday as an addition..these cards have 100 additional points at the end of the game. 

spin to win space..player A is in spin to win space.. then all to take their spin to win token and say a number and place it on the board.. for eg: player A takes his token. 

says number 3 and places it on number 3.. also player B says number 7.. and place the token on number 7.. since player A is on spin to win space..


 he gets the extra silver token and he can guess an extra number.. let’s say player A guessed number 9 and place it on 9.. player A will spin the wheel until one of the numbers comes.

 number didn’t come in thespin.. finally 3 came.. 3 has player A token.. so player A will get200k from bank.. 

next is player B’s turn.. player B spin the roller.. got 9.. but hereached a Stop signal before 9 moves.. 

that’s a Stop Graduation symbol.. when he reached there.. player B takes the top 2 cards from the college career deck.. then choose a career from that.. he got Doctor’s salary 130k lawyer salary 120k. 

so definitely player B choosesDoctor career and place the lawyer card to the bottom of this deck.. like this as the game progress there are a lot of stop signals.. each Stop is a major event in one’s life..nobody can cross the Stop. 

they must stop there.. then do as that space says.. then roll the spinner and move ahead.. after Graduation stop is Marriage stop.. when a player reaches Marriage stop. 

Game is life Rules

he can choose a husband or a wife.. they can take blue or rose from the player peg.. this example yellow car is in marriage stop.. 

he takes the rose and pops it in the car.. along with that.. player B spins the roller.. he got red.. so he has to give 50k as a marriage gift to player A.. if this is black.. player B has to give 100k as a marriage gift to the player A.

 so both players progressed their life.. player A reached the next stop.. Next stop is night school stop.. when he reached there.. 

player A can choose to change his career.. player A is going to change his career..he has to give 100k to the bank.. then take the top 2 cards from the college career card. then obviously check the salary. 

I got a Vet salary of 100k Video Game Designersalary 110k. I choose Video Game Designer.. then return the existing career card and the other career card to the bottom of the deck. 

otherwise. if player A is happy with his initial career.. he will not take another career card.. he won’t give 100k to the bank.. he spins the roller and moves that many spaces forward. 

next is the family path.. when a player reaches the family path.. he has 2 options.. either he can choose the family path or the life path.. let’s say player A takes the family path.

More info Game Rules for Life

 he spins the roller and move that much spaces.. as you can see there are many baby spaces and house spaces..

but lifepath is simple, if you don’t want to go family path.. spin the roller and move through lifepath.. player A got 2.. 

so he moves 2 spaces through the family path.. that’s a twin space.. which means player A got twins.. so he has to take 2 people’s pegs and pop it in their car.. then player B rolled. 

player B landed on house space.. when a player is in house space.. he has 2 options.. either he can buy a house.. or he can sell a house he already opened.. here player B is going to buy a house.. he has to take top 2 cards from the house deck.

 check and choose a card he likes.. he got farmhouse 300k and houseboat 200k..player B chose 200k house.. then place the 2nd card to the bottom of the deck. 

along with that he has to pay the house price to the bank.. 1 player can own more than 1 house.. let’s say when the player Breaches that house space and he already owned a house at that time.

House selling option too.. let’s say player B does house selling option.. hehas to do the spin for sale mentioned on this card..


 he has to spin the roller and look at the color – red and black.. he got red.. so he gets the 180k mentioned against red from the bank. if he spins the black.

 he would have got 300k from the bank.. then keepthat house card to the bottom of this deck.. next player A rolled.. he reached the next baby stop..

 when he reaches there.. roll the spinner.. then based on the range he got..he can pop that many numbers of the baby in the car.. here he got 9.. so he got triplets.

if it was between 1 and 3 > 0 babies.. between 4 and 6 > 1 baby.. between 7 and 8 > player A and player B progressed their life further..

 as you can see they have multipliedtheir money.. through salary and other mean.. along with that they multiplied fun actioncards.. 

because these player have gone through multiple action spaces.. now player B landedon the pet space The Game of Life Rules.

 when he lands on that space.. take the top 2 cards from the pet deck.. thenselect a card he likes..The Game of Life Rules

How to Win

 I got Visit the pet store and Teach your peat new trick!.. Visit the pet store says Pay the bank 10k..the other one says Collect 30k from the bank.. 

so definitely will not choose first one..will choose the second one.. then get 30k from the bank.. this card also has point atthe end of the game.. 

so keep the card.. next player A landed on last Stop – Risky path..when he lands there.. player A has to choose one path.. Risky path or Non Risky path.. 

Risky path has opportunity to win big moneyor loose big money.. let’s say player A chooses risky path The Game of Life Rules.

he then rolls.. then move thatmany number.. 6.. now he loose that much money.. this spacesay.. pay bank 100k..

 player A lost 100k.. On flip side.. if he choose non risky path..he progress through non risky path and there is no lose. rules for game of life.

during this game at any pointif a player don’t have enough money to buy something or to pay debt, then he must takea loan from the bank..

 50k is the loan from the bank.. he takes 50k and still not enough money he takes another 50k loan.. can payback loan at any point in game.. 

they have to pay10k extra for each loan.. for example.. he has a loan of 50k.. he pays back 60k.. or if he has a load of 100k.. he pay back 120k.. so player A finishes the game first and reached retirement. 

he has two options here.. either he can go to a millionaire mansion or a countryside acre.. he moves to a millionaire mansion.. this has no significance in this game.. this is a simple choice. 

Win the game of life

but he gets a retirement bonus from the bank.. the player who finishes first will get 400k.. 2nd finisher gets 300k.. 3rd 200k.. 4th is 100k.. now player B is also retired.. he moves to the countryside acre.

 along with that the game ends.. the game will end when all players in the game retires.. after that there is a final asset evaluation..

he evaluates all the assets for final scoring.. to do that.. he must sell all the owned said earlier the player spins the roller and based on the color code mentioned.. regrets 120k. 

black gets 200k to the player.. like this sell all houses and get the money from the bank accordingly.. next is action cards.. count the actions cards of each player. 

each card will get 100k from the bank.. next is pet cards.. for each pet cards get 100k from the bank.. so for this player gets 200k.. each baby will get 50k from the bank The Game of Life Rules.

player A has 1 to 3 babies.. so player A gets 150k from the bank.. finally close bank loan for each loans.. as said earlier.. for each 50k.. give 10k additional to close. 

let’s say players had 100k bank loan, he must give 120k to the bank to close that loan.. then count teetotal money that’s left.. 

the player with the most cash will be the WINNER… So, Friends.. this is the game.. this is a family fun-oriented game.