Stardew Valley Sprinkler Layout [ Step By Step Guide In 2022] How It Works & Types

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Stardew Valley Sprinkler Layout

Stardew Valley is a place, a city where people live as a community. But since Joza Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have disappeared. This community was once the most vibrant center of activity now trembling.

In this game, you inherit your grandfather’s farmland and start farming with some hand-down-tools and a few coins. Trying to learn how to turn these overground fields into a developed home.

The valley seems to be full of opportunities. Your little dedication can help bring the stardom value back to greatness!

Stardew Valley Sprinkler Layout Greenhouse

A sprinkler is a device that sprays water. It is used to irrigate agricultural crops, landscapes, lawns, and other areas. Stardew Valley Sprinkler helps you easily irrigate your crops.

Different Stardew Valley Sprinklers have different capabilities. Let’s take a look at the Stardew Valley Sprinklers, the Stardew Valley Sprinkler range, and how sprinklers work.

Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler Ingredients

  • Copper bar: 1
  • Iron bar: 1

The basic sprinkler is the first one you will be able to craft and it is locked in 2 stages of agriculture. They have a tile and water. There are four spaces in total, sprinkled directly on top, bottom left, and right. Although they can scatter what you can craft first, these are the most difficult to place because of their cross size.

There are different types of layouts for basic sprinklers but it involves placing them diagonally which is a bit awkward. If you want to keep them in a neat square, there are always gaps.

Placing this sprinkler can be a bit therapeutic but don’t worry if you put your sprinkler in the wrong place, you can just hit it with your wrinkles or pix to get it back to your nest.

However, I recommend saving your copper and iron bars and missed to make this sprinkler perfectly crafted to create better tools.

Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler Layout

There are different layouts for Basic Sprinkler but they all involve placing it diagonally, which looks weird. If you want to place them in a clean square, there will always be gaps.

So scattering a basic can be tactical and tedious at the same time. If you put your basic sprinkler in the wrong place, you can hit it with an ax and return it to your nest.

Now what I think is, the player should know that Basic Sprinklers is the first thing you will be able to get your hands on but it is a waste of valuable resources and it is not worth it.

Copper bars are very important and valuable in early play because it is necessary for silos, upgrades of copper tools, mayonnaise machines, and tappers. Copper bars are very mandatory for the advance of the East and also useful for the CAG which is the most profitable item in the Stardew Valley.

So I suggest you keep your bars for these tasks without using the Basic Sprinkler which is not of much use.

Stardew Valley Iridium sprinkler ingredients

  • Gold bar: 1
  • Iridium bar: 1
  • Battery pack: 1

Iridium sprinklers are one of the best agricultural tools in the Stardew Valley. They water a neat 5×5 square 24 space. This is a huge area of ​​your farm for bulk watering. These sprinklers are the best in the game, but it takes work to gather resources to create one. Gold is not so hard to find and can be found in mines. The battery pack is also straight, you need to put a few light rods on your farm.

However it is the iridium bars that are more difficult. To get to them you have to go to Skull Cavar located in the desert. Even to get access to the cave, you need to reach level 120 in the mine and repair the vault in the community center which will bring you back the full 423200g.

Iridium is located at the bottom of the cave so make sure you have strong weapons, ladders and bombs to reach them.

Even with all the ingredients, you need to reach 9 levels of agriculture to start crafting. It is easy enough to plan an efficient layout with their 5×5 layout. They need to be placed four places away from each other to get the most efficient coverage.

The columns of three iridium sprinklers will give you 2 water spaces that you can dedicate to a crop, or you can go to the whole hog and make a huge square of six sprinklers that water 144 spaces.

Quality sprinkler

Now, this is scattered farming that you will get after reaching the farming level un Although it takes some time to unlock, it is definitely worth the wait. It takes only one tile to run this sprinkler but it gives water to all the crops placed around it.

That means you can water 8 tiles of the crop with just a single quality sprinkler. Let’s take a look at the ingredients needed to keep this sprinkler on your farm.

Quality sprinkler Ingredients Required

  • Iron bar – 2
  • Gold bar – 2
  • Refined quartz – 1

Quality sprinkler layout

Unlike basic sprinklers, these sprinklers are quite easy to install. It can water all 8 spaces around it, so you can place each sprinkler in a 2 tile gap.

This way, you can avoid any overlapping and all your crops will be watered quite easily. Also, at this moment you will already have plenty of gold & quartz, so you can easily put a lot of quality sprinklers in your desired place.

Also, don’t worry about buying a few extra quality sprinklers because you can always sell them and use this resource for the next type of sprinklers – iridium sprinklers.

Stardew Valley Sprinkler Guide

If you are wondering how to find a new Stardew Valley Sprinkler, you are at the right place. Farming involves not only sowing seeds in the field and waiting for the crop to pop up without hard work, but it also involves giving your crops the care and love they need and considering them suitable for their children.

Water is a way to show the affection your crop deserves and the process becomes easier when you replace your traditional tidy water supply with Sprinkler Stardew Valley. With the water supply, you don’t have to incline to your private square and time can be spent performing other tasks.

Water supply is what you need when you start farming in the beginning but eventually you will need some help to make your crop water easier and faster when you grow your empire and expand your farm.

The Stardew Valley Sprinkler is a key to having an efficient irrigation system for your farm and you don’t have to do any work until you are ready to harvest your crop with the right Sturdy Valley Sprinkler layout. You do not have to click the Gazelle bar every day to irrigate your crop.

Finding the best layout for sprinklers can be a problem especially when you are a novice and the best way to build your crop group but we are not here to help you find the best Stardew valley sprinkler layout for your farming empire. We will also explain the different types of sprinklers, the ingredients needed to craft them, and the layout tips for each type.


We hope you understand everything about the Stardew Valley Sprinklers by now. Once you start your farm, we are sure this article will work for you. You definitely need a way to grow at a faster rate. & sprinklers are the best way to water your crop.

Lastly, we want to make sure that you learn how to get the resources you need for this sprinkler craft. Because if you don’t have enough resources to unlock the sprinklers, it won’t benefit you or your farm.

How do sprinklers work?

As we have said before, if you want to grow properly, you need to water the crop continuously. But feeding them water without any help can be a difficult task. A sprinkler will help you create effective irrigation systems in your crop water.

To work efficiently you need to choose a good layout for the sprinkler and that is, you have to wait until it is finished and the crop is harvested.

However, finding the right layout for a sprinkler is a bit difficult but we will help you with that and at the same time, we will also explain the different types of sprinklers. So, let’s take a look at the different types, layouts, & components required for Stardew Valley Sprinkler.


A sprinkler is a tool that allows you to irrigate your plants automatically. You can do crafts after reaching the farm. Sprinklers are available in three versions..

My sprinkler is not working?

It only triggers the watery effect after the new day has started. So it won’t have any effect on the day you put it on the field, but it will happen the next morning.

How can I move my sprinklers?

Hit it with your ax or your picks, it will turn into an item that you can keep searching for yourself.

Can I recycle my sprinklers?

You can’t, but all you can do is drop them in the box to get some money. The base sells for 100 gold, one of 450 gold quality and Iridium 1000 gold. Upgrading from Iridium Sprinkler to Quality can make for a small amount of gold!