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Today We Will Talk About NameCheap Hosting Plans

Hi Guys, My Name is RK I am using Namecheap for 1 Month On that basis,

I have made this Blog where we will have a detailed review Where we will see step by step what are the contents The Pros and Cons and

Everything A-Z Related to NameCheap Review

Namecheap Hosting Review

Let’s get started with this Shared Hosting Review of Namecheap.

Namecheap is a brand popular for domains and it uses their branding to promote the hosting WP services So let’s see whether their hosting services are as good as their domains

So let’s start with their overview Whenever you log in to your dashboard You will see a dashboard panel You will see here Validity,

Disk Space Bandwidth, Domain Server Location, IP Address You can directly go to Cpanel from here PHP Admin and Email Account will be accessible from here.

It shows Statistics Below It is a Custom Dashboard When you go to Cpanel Here you find: Exclusive for Namecheap Customers

Namecheap SSL is Exclusive Feature Apart from that, every feature can be used without Exclusive Tag So this is a Website that is hosted on Namecheap Shared Hosting

Namecheap Uptime & Speed Review

I am going to do my Review Let’s Start with its Server Response Time US has a Good Server Response Time,

but it has slowed down while reaching Bangalore Google Recommends 200ms So it’s Server Response Time is Good Except in India and Other Asian Countries Next,

Let’s Talk about Uptime I am using it for 1 month and I have not faced any problem related to Uptime My Hosting was Down for 3 Minutes

If I talk about the Last 30 days. I got 99.987% Uptime which is good for a shared hosting So I didn’t face any problem in Downtime.

If I talk about Website Speed The speed in New York & Cities in USA was good Under 2s my pages are loading in USA.

If I talk about Speed in Banglore and other Asian Countries. I am getting a speed of 5s and 10s So for Speed,

it is Good for the USA but outside the USA it is not good If I talk about Average 1st Visit,

I am getting a 6.9s Average 1st Visit which is very high It is having a Good Speed in cities of USA If you go to Tokyo, Paris or Mumbai you will get up to 25s Uptime So it is Okay in case of Speed

If I talk about Cache Manager You won’t find any Cache Manager in the case of Namecheap You will have to install a Cache Plugin on your WordPress I have used W3 Total Cache. Comment To The NameCheap Hosting Review


I have done Load Test Hosting is incomplete without a Load Test Through a Load Test, Namecheap Review

we are able to determine the No. of User a Website can handle The Response Time and Time duration for handling We are able to determine such things through Load Test

So I sent 50 Virtual Users to my Website to check and see how much users it is able to handle So its Results were Quite Surprising Up to 29 users the Response Time was good Namecheap Review

But the moment it reached to 30, 31 to 43 users, Namecheap Review

it’s Response Time increased to 15s So this was quite disturbing, that upto 43 users its response time increased to 15s Slowly

the Response Time started to decrease Upto 50 users the response time got to normal It was fluctuating a lot and

it changed to 5s 50 active users were up to 5 mins on a website You can check their performance by Requests rate So these were the 50 active users,

they made requests & they started to decrease There were High Peaks in the Middle, Namecheap Review

which is not a good sign There was another Problem,

that total 8000 requests were made 8000 requests mean action performed on the website I have loaded CSS Images,

it all comes under 8000 Requests Out of the 8000 Requests,

1000 Requests Failed This was because CSS was not loaded, Certain Images didn’t Load, Namecheap Review

which was a server problem not the website problem Failure of 100 Requests is a Big Problem As you can see that as soon as the requests started to increase,

I sent 26 requests and in all 26 times it caused errors

So you can see from the graph the number of requests being sent and errors being occurred


It means that the CPU RAM has been utilized at this point

When I Lowered down my Requests and then increased it. after some time,

started taking requests So it means that the CPU & RAM need Upgradation So what do you mean by this Test? It means that up to 30 users.

you can use this hosting When users are above 30 this hosting will start creating problems

Talking about NameCheap Data Centers Review

Talking about Data Centers, You will find them in the USA and UK only.

India, Asia, Australia, Singapore you won’t find any Data Center

Talking about NameCheap Backups Review

If I talk about Backups, in their basic plan you won’t find any backups There is a catch: When you read about their backups,

it says that ” Backups are Twice a week” In a question mark,

Namecheap Review

they have mentioned that it is not guaranteed You cant control the backups or

see it or restore it from your end So if you feel the need for Backups,

you will have to contact customer care and tell about your situation Then they will check in their backend that whether you have taken a backup or not.

If you have taken a backup, then only they will restore it for you I didn’t liked this concept of ‘twice a week backup plan’ And there is another catch Here they have not used the off server backups

I asked this in a chat session and they said that they have stored backup in a special location which is absolutely not fine Namecheap Review


If I talk about Inode Count, you will find 3 to 6 lakh Inode Count which is decent for a Shared Hosting

If I talk about CDN, you won’t get any CDN In EasyWP you use to get CDN but here you won’t get any CDNI In SSL, they have applied certain Terms and Conditions

They will provide SSL fro Free for up to 50 Websites This is great but there is a catch that its free only for 1 year for next year renewal,

you will have to pay for it So this is the story of SSL

Talking about Customer Support

Customer Support is not available on the phone to call Its 24X7 Live Chat Support But according to my experience: it was worst For this,

I will try to make a separate blog My customer care experience was really very bad They are not Technically Sound

You can ask only basic Questions and in that, they will provide their FAQs Link They say to go through their own FAQs If you ask a technical question

they create a ticket, then that ticket is answered/ not answered It takes around 2-3 days to resolve

your issue Customer Care is Available 24×7 but its not Technically Sound

NameCheap Pricing, Hosting Plan’s & Quick Fact’s

NameCheap pricing and plans 1 1
Namecheap Review

If I talk about Pricing They have provided 3 Plans

1. Stellar Plan

They have given these 3 Plans According to me, the Best Value for Money Plan is Stellar Plan We can take this for $1.66/Month You get 20GB SSD, 3 Websites, Free Domain Names You can create 50 Emails by that domain name You don’t get Backup on this Plan

Stellar Plus Plan

If you want to go on Stellar Plus Plan, you will get this at Rs.360 But according to me it’s not value for Money Plan But if I talk about Value for Money Plan,

then it’s the Stellar Plan if you want to take hosting from Namecheap If you want to go on$3.01/month Plan Its better you take hosting from A2 Hosting Swift Plan which is of similar and you can take this for 4 years

You can also claim refund anytime you want If you want to go above this plan then SiteGround is the best So these are the options available If you want a Value for Money option then Hostinger is also a good option You can claim refund within 30 days

You will have to contact Customer Care, they will provide easy refund claims,

I have tried it myself You will get One Domain for Free for 1 Year You will get Free Whois Protection and a Temporary Domain If you don’t have a domain and want to test a website you can do that by using a temporary domain name rk.demnts.com website

So Likewise you can also take a temporary domain name This temporary domain name would be forever So it’s not like that it is going to expire within 15 or 30 days,

this will remain forever with your hosting If I talk about Migration,

you will get free migration You will get this with any hosting, you should contact support They will migrate your Website and WP Website for Free

Talking about Software

If I talk about Software it is Apache 2.x Based, PHP 7.3 Version PHP 7.4 Version would have been better, as speed improvements have been made,

especially for WP You get 7.3 version in which you can run WordPress, Python, Perl and NodeJS You can also find SiteBuilder where you can easily select templates Its Okayish,

I have no Expectations for it


So before I jump to the pros and cons of this hosting if you liked this detailed review hit the Comment button

Because it really takes some effort to do a detailed review like this So now coming onto the


  • pros You get good Uptime,
  • you get free migrations and
  • if you want to host website you get a good speed
  • Their first plan is a Value for Money Plan and you get many options and you also get C Panel


  • If I talk about the Cons This is not ideal for 30+ visitors Here, Speed Outside USA is not good
  • Their Customer Care Support is not Good
  • The Backup System is not good and
  • you get only 2 data Centers

Coming onto the bottom line I am having neutral feeling about this Namecheap is the best in the world for domains, that’s my opinion

But they will have to work for hosting There is a lot that they have to do to improve their hosting service If you are on a small website and you are on a tight budget You can use Namecheap Hosting Their links are given in the Below

Along with some other options like Siteground, A2Hosting, Hostinger I have provided their discount coupons in the MY BLOG SO VISIT So that will be all for this one Like and Subscribe

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