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How to play Minesweeper

Step 1: How to play Minesweeper

You can start by clicking on any random place because this is your first game. Chances are you’ll have something like the picture. Remember, the number is the mines adjacent to the block. So let’s take the picture case. Look at the bottom-left block of the image (third from left and 2nd from bottom).

It has 1 mine adjacent to it and only one empty block next to it. Therefore, it must be a mine. Flag it by right-clicking. Yes! Now you have found your first mine. Do the same with others.

If only two unchanged mines continue in a block with 2 and remain the same for the other number (if you get 8 you are a very lucky person;)).

Step 2: How to play Minesweeper

Use the left and right mouse buttons. The mouse is the only tool you need to play Minesweeper.

The left mouse button is used to click on squares that do not have mines, while the right mouse button is used to flag squares that do not have mines.

Step 3: How to play Minesweeper

You will often see situations where you have to guess. But most of them (it seems) need to guess at the end of the game. Like in this case (see figure). I only have 1 left and it must be close to ‘3. In both blocks.

So the best thing is that the two are not as common as the orange marked blocks in the image that you will be able to dig open.

Step 4: How to play Minesweeper

Before coming to this step, I hope you have completed at least 6 initial fields and gained some experience. Here’s a great tool I’ve found. This is called 1-2 pattern. Here in the image above you will see the face of 1-2 walls (blocks).

Here, you can clear the block next to one (not in the general case!). This strategy will come in handy when playing intermediate and advanced levels. Try to think that there is a mine in the block that I told you to clear, will 1 and 2 be satisfied?

Step 5: How to play Minesweeper

Often you will come across something like the above case. There is a mine here in one of the blocks marked in orange. You can open the blue block, it’s safe. Think for yourself, what would happen if you put a mine in the blue block, 1s would be satisfied?


Click “Play” to start the game. Use the left mouse button to select a location on the grid. If you hit a bomb, you lose. The board numbers represent how many bombs are attached to the square. For example, if there is a “3” on a square, there are 3 bombs next to that square. Bombs can be diagonal at the top, bottom, right-left, or square. Avoid all bombs and clear all spaces to win

Minesweeper Tip: Use numbers to determine where you know the bomb is. Tip: You can right-click on a square with the mouse to place a flag where you think it’s a bomb. It helps you avoid that place. This game should work on all platforms including Safari and mobile (we hope but no guarantee)

How to beat minesweeper

Tips + hints

  • Clicking both the left and right buttons simultaneously on a number already found in the mine (s) opens all the blocks around it. This can save time. So, once you find all the mines around this number, click the right and left mouse buttons at the same time.
  • Finding mines in 1 block helps a lot, as it opens up many squares and good hints in favor of 2 and 3.
  • Be careful. You know that only blocks are safe.
  • You have to finish about 10 games until it hangs, then you can finish time faster!

Customize your setup

Start with a good mouse and mousepad. Your mouse must provide strict control and accuracy. I’m using an old Logitech MX518 set to 800 dpi with sensitivity in the third position on the Windows control panel and the mouse acceleration is off. Also, make sure your desk doesn’t shake and your chair can’t be placed on a good level – it’s too high, too low, and your hands will hurt.

When you’re ready, download competing Minesweeper apps like Minesweeper X They keep your hands warm, but wash your hands if they start to sweat while you’re playing (I wash mine every 10 to 15 minutes). If your hand is shining, it is difficult to click properly.

The minesweeper strategy

When the game starts first, click on the four squares in the corner. This will open a good amount of blocks (95% of the time)

OBVIOUS Mark all mines blank. As around an open square of eight neighborhoods, this is definitely mine.

Then start looking for mines around other numbers like the image below.

Minesweeper Tips

  • Here are some things you should know about Mine Sweeper

Press the F2 key to restart the game
Don’t use the question mark, it will just be a waste of time
The game is complete when you open all the protected blocks while you don’t flag each one
If you accidentally click on a mine, just hold down your mouse button and slide your cursor
Start in the middle, you have a higher chance of getting stuck if you start from the side
You can change the settings and difficulties from the Games tab.


The goal of the game is to uncover all the squares so that there are no mines.
Use a long tap to mark the mine. Classic free game of Microsoft Minesweeper. One of the most interesting logical games.

The aim of the game is to clear a rectangular board with hidden “mines” or landmines without any explosions with the help of clutter about the number of neighboring landmines in each field.

Minesweeper Free Features: