Hay Guys, Today I Talking About The GoDaddy Hosting Detailed Review. GoDaddy review Hosting Pros & Cons Review, Price Review, Speed Review, and More……

So, I bought a new GoDaddy plan, put it through a bunch of tests, and if they’re gonna be bad but let’s see how they actually performed.

GoDaddy is one of the biggest and best known web hosting companies in the world. 

However, in recent years every body seems to hate them.

GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy Hosting Review

 Why is that? Well, let’s take a look here.

The GoDaddy website claims that based on TrustPilot reviews their service is rated at the very respectable 9.1/10 5 stars out of 5 stars based on 857 reviews (Updated to 1138) outstanding performance.

However, if we would actually visit their TrustPilot page it’s rated 2 stars out of 5with over 3000 reviews almost as if GoDaddy is tricking people by cherry-picking only the best reviews.

Maybe that’s why the public hate train on GoDaddy is so rampant.

They seem to be full of these little marketing tricks that deceive their users but that’s only one side of the coin it gets much more interesting to keep Reading.

So, about that Trustpilot example that I just gave you well sorry to say but it was completely fake, I simply tricked you.

Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • Easy to use: I find their interface easy to used, recommended it for beginner’s.
  • Performance: I am testing, & GoDaddy providing Good performance, uptime & speed.
  • Windows servers: GoDaddy also provide Windows based hosting.
  • Storage: All files combined can’t be more than 250,000 files (inode).
  • Band-width: The traffic on your site can be get with each plans won’t be limited.

Cons :

  • Expensive: They do not provide the cheapest deals out there’s. more expensive when the basic (backups and SSL certificates) are purchase.
  • No backups: Unless you purchase their paid add on, there is not a backup systems in the placed.
  • No SSL: If u want to have your site SSL , you will need to pay for a SSL certificate.
  • Missing advances feature: GoDaddy does not come with some advance Features
  • No migration service: GoDaddy won’t help you migrated websites from another host.

GoDaddy hosting plan for you to choose:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting Plans Price

GoDaddy Review
GoDaddy Review

WordPress hosting plans Price

  • Basic : Starting price at $6.99 per month (renews Price at $9.99)
  • Deluxe : Starting Price at $9.99 per month (renews Price at $14.99)
  • Ultimate : Starting Price at $12.99 per month (renews Price at $19.99)
  • Pro 5+ : Starting Price at $29.99 per month (renews Price at the same rate)

VPS hosting Plans Price

GoDaddy Review
GoDaddy Review

Pricing for the reseller plans:

  • Enhanced : Starting Price at $39.99 per month
  • Grow : Starting Price at $49.99 per month
  • Expand : Starting Price at $64.99 per month
  • Established : Starting Price at $89.99 per month

Dedicated hosting Plas Price:

GoDaddy Review
GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy UK/US Version Review

I showed you the UK version of the GoDaddy web site while showing you the US reviews.

If we would visit the UK reviews we would see that the reviews are perfectly fine and GoDaddy didn’t lie at all.

Okay, but what was the point of all of this why did I trick you in the first place? I simply wanted to show you how easy it is to form someone’s opinion, make quick assumptions, and spread baseless information.

If you would search Google or YouTube for GoDaddy reviews everyone seems to absolutely hate GoDaddy.

But GoDaddy still has the largest user base out of any web hosting company actually according to Datanyze GoDaddy owns roughly around 18%of market shares in the web hosting business.

For just one brand that’s insane.

I couldn’t find a source of how Datanyze got their test results so let’s take it with a grain of salt and use this number as the ballpark measurement but that’s still a lot of people that use GoDaddy and why do they do it if it’s terrible?

Well, when a company starts universally trending as good or bad most reviewers will try to keep that trend. Because, if everyone says it’s bad and you say it’s good you’re at risk of damaging your brand.

People might assume the company just paid you to say those good things about them. But enough of speculation and what other people think.

I base my reviews on cold hard data, tests, and facts.

GoDaddy Performance Review

So, I bought a new GoDaddy plan put it through a bunch of tests and if they’re gonna be bad they’re gonna be bad.

But let’s see how they actually performed.

I’ve set up an uptime monitor to see how often my website goes offline I’ve let the test run for one week and the results were pretty much what I expected from a seasoned expert in web hosting.

My website didn’t go offline at all not even for one second during the whole week.

Loading Speed Test

Response times were also consistently low averaging around 365*milliseconds. For reference, most other hosting companies I test average around500 milliseconds or more so 365ms is a really good result.

GoDaddy passed my stability test with flying colors let’s see how they perform in terms of loading speed.

I’ve used GTmetrix for this and no surprise againGoDaddy was fast. My website loaded in just 1.2 seconds on average.

For reference, anything below one second is incredible anything close to one second is considered excellent. My website also got in 97%  with PageSpeed and 76 % with YSlow.

But the loading time metric is much more important when testing web hosting providers because the YSlow and PageSpeed scores depend on the template, layout, and content of your website.

My last test was using BitCatcha. I wanted to see how GoDaddy performs internationally and if users from Asia or Europe would see a significant slowdown in the loading speed.

The answer was no, GoDaddy scored an A+ meaning my website loads fast for everyone around the world.

Overall, I’m very happy with these results but how much will this performance cost you, in general, it is known that GoDaddy is expensive.

GoDaddy Pricing Review

They overprice everything and they keep shoving useless features in your face until you cave in and buy them for an absurd amount of money.

However, recently they’ve been turning it around with some great promotions. For example, if you use the links in the description down below you can get web hosting for just 1 dollar a month.

You also get a free domain currently that’s the cheapest one-year plan you can get anywhere for comparison let’s use SiteGround and Bluehost one-year hosting with a domain name from GoDaddy will cost you $12.

Bluehost charges $71 and Siteground would cost you $63. Oh and also the previous king of cheap and reliable web hosting, hostinger.com has just been dethroned by GoDaddy.

Because one year plan with a domain name from Hostinger costs 38 dollars while GoDaddy offers the same for 12 dollars.

The king is dead, long live the king. While the promotion lasts of course. Before we continue a quick disclaimer: I want to be super transparent here and mentioned that I support myself and the Website from affiliate links.

These Blog Reviews take a large amount of time and resources to properly test, write, and more… All of this is possible because viewers like you use the links below when making their purchases.

If you use the link Below you get a discount and I get paid a commission. It’s a win for both of us. So, if you find my content helpful consider using the links below. GoDaddy Review

Renewal Pricing

Now, back to the review, a big downside of this 1 dollar per year plan is that after the first year you’ll see a noticeable bump in price.

However, if you don’t like GoDaddy after the first year you can always switch to another hosting provider, and talking about switching GoDaddy gets a lot of slack for their renewal prices being unreasonably high.

But if we would actually check and compare the prices to other huge hosting providers we would see that the prices aren’t actually that bad.

The price of GoDaddy renewals is exactly the same as Bluehost and actually lower than SiteGround.

And the cheapest GoDaddy plan gives you from 2 to 10 times as much stuff as other providers.

Not Value For Money

99% of people will probably never even come close to using that much. But hey it’s there if you need it and people generally like big numbers.

That being said it is absolutely true that GoDaddyloves shoving absurdly priced add-ons in your face at every corner. I call this technique the noob trap. The way the noob trap operates is very simple.

You find people that don’t know very much about web hosting and you sell them features they don’t necessarily need for an absurd amount of money.

So, I propose this let’s play a quick game of spot the noob trap.I’ll count every single time that GoDaddy tries to offer me something I don’t necessarily need for a large amount of money.

Well, if you’re ready let’s go. Our starting total is $12 let’s see what we end up with and we’re off-website backups to protect my hard work absolutely let’s buy that, ooh essential website security well if it’s essential to let’s get that.

Do I want to keep my visitors safe? Yep. Get in here SSL, oh now we get to register a free domain. Get found on Google? Of course, I want to get found on Google, add that to the cart. Matching domains? GoDaddy Review

Well, I guess… I don’t want anyone impersonating me so add that to the cart as well. Is that all? Wait! My domain is still not private, I need that as well, more privacy?

7 dollars a month for an SSL certificate GoDaddy Review

Let’s go! The main takeaway from this is that GoDaddy prices aren’t actually that high. If you buy smart and only add things to your cart that you actually need.

Because charging 7 dollars a month for SSL certificate is actually criminal.

I’ll make a video showing how to get an SSL certificate for free because yeah you don’t have to pay 7 dollars a month you can do it for free yourself.

GoDaddy Review email

Do they offer a one-click WordPress installation? And do they offer professional-looking email accounts? Yes to both, but you will have to buy the email accounts separately.

Unless you use the links in the description that hook you up with a super sweet deal because this offer also includes one-year emails for free.

GoDaddy Review Features

Moving on, let’s talk about some GoDaddy features.

Crazy good value. And the one-click installation from GoDaddy is actually one of the better ones I’ve seen in the industry not only it automates the WordPress installation itself.

It will also set up a professional-looking email account for you and the GoDaddy user interface, in general, is very clear and beginner-friendly after your purchase is complete.

You will be asked if you want to create a WordPress website, then you’ll be able to create your login details, GoDaddy Review

Best Features

a feature I really like about GoDaddy is that they automatically create a professional email address for you during the installation.

Once this is finished your WordPress website is live GoDaddy has also set up a WordPress wizard to get you started faster.

Supercool on their part. You can select the basic information for your website like your website type, title, industry, and fill out the contact forms with your own contact details.

Then you can select and edit a theme right off the bat, no installation required. Another notable feature is their website builder that you can use for free.

But, it kinda operates separately from the GoDaddy hosting. It’s a bit weird but that’s a topic for another Blog. And, if you want to know how to make a website from scratch I actually have a guide for that that you can find right hare GoDaddy Review

Why People Hate GoDaddy Website

I use stinger for the example but GoDaddy works just as well.

So, everything that we just looked at seems to be great or at least okay-ish. So, why the hell are people so angry at GoDaddy? GoDaddy Review

And why does it generate so many bad reviews? Well, let’s just say that they employ a lot of these less-than-honorable strategies that tend to leave a lot of people angry. We can take a look at a couple of them right now.

GoDaddy Refund Policy

A major upset especially if you don’t know this prior to buy is their refund policy or the lack thereof.

Because 9 times out of10 you can forget about getting your refund.

If we would scroll down through their Terms of Service and get to the juicy bit. There’s this vaguely written line “If a hosting service has already been performed then it is non-refundable if not yet performed eligible for a refund within 30 days of the date of the transaction.

” Confused? Yeah, me too. Kinda… What I think it means is that if you buy a hosting service from them and don’t use it at all you can receive a refund within 30 days

But as soon as you host a web site on it you can no longer receive a refund.

So, you need to host your website to determine if you like the service but as soon as you host your website you can no longer receive a refund.

You see how there’s a problem and why it might leave a lot of people angry? GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy Support Review

In the web hosting industry, we like to call this “A dick move.” There is also no email support and the chat support the do offer is hard to get hold off.

The worst part is that they tease you about it. Like, “Look it’s right there! Just, click it, come on clicking it, it’s right there!” But it doesn’t work.

On the bright side they do offer phone support in 51 different countries if you like phone support you’ll love GoDaddy but me personally I’m not a phone guy

Very Bad Experience

I’m actually terrified of talking on the phone and every time I try to reach support through the phone it goes something like this.

Yo RK, by any chance, have you made that phone call yet? Yeah… No. I’ve actually done you one better and I’ve sent them an email.

Oh my god, not this again. Just call them please just call them. I’ll actually send them another email to signify how important this is to me so they respond faster.

Dude picks up your phone and calls them how hard can it be you just press the little numbers and it rings.

You know what it’s not even that big of a problem I can actually Google and probably fix it myself.

Also, are you wearing sunglasses inside? How is that even relevant, these are the only props I have right now GoDaddy Review

And, that is true these are the only props I have right now. But all jokes, memes, goofs, and gaffs aside would I recommend GoDaddy? At the moment, yes GoDaddy Review

More information

You won’t get a better deal for $12 anywhere and even when it comes to renewal prices as we saw the prices aren’t sky-high.

They’re actually on par or even lower than some other most popular web hosting providers as long as you’re smart and don’t overpay for what you don’t need you’ll have plenty of resources and tools at your disposal.

Will your website crash and go down periodically? Oh yeah.I can actually guarantee that because it happens with every single web hosting provider,

there is no magical solution that offers no downtime or no crashes because if there was every single person on the planet would be using it.

If this is your first web site or you’re a web hosting beginner I do recommend GoDaddyespecially during this promotion period because in general, they are very beginner-friendly, aside from their aggressive sale tactics.

GoDaddy Alternatives

  • DreamHost & SiteGround are top performing provide the best uptime & speed.
  • For those needing a hosting provider with a lot of features & best speed & best support (staging & speed optimization), I would recommend SiteGround.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I’ll see you in the next one and good luck creating your websites!