Hello, my name is RK and today I’m going to explain how to play Go Fish Game, Go Fish Rules, go fish gameplay, go fish rules for kids, go fish online, How to win go fish and go fish how to play

Your students will practice their speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, fluency and even their social skill.

 Go fish game will last around 15 minutes. You can play with 3 up to 16 students, if you have more than 8 students pair them together. 

The aim of the game is to make pairs of the same cards by asking questions to the other players. 

How to Play Go Fish Card game

So, we are going to use the food vocabulary today. 

We have 13 different cards with 13 different words, One pair will be one point, so I have here two eggs will be one point or two sandwiches will be one point, two hamburgers will be one point.

Seat the students in a circle and shuffle the deck. Give five cards to each student and put the rest of the cards in the middle.

 I have my five cards look at them and hide them. I already have in my hands 1 pair of noodles, put it on the table, you already have one point. 

It’s going to be your turn and you have to ask 1 question to any player.

 Very important, you can’t ask for cards you don’t have in your hands, that’s why students need to pay attention to which player has his or her card. 

I will start: “Thomas do you have a steak?” If he does, he has to give you his card, you will have one pair & which is one point & put it on the table to your other pairs and the students on your left will ask a question.

 Now If he doesn’t have your card, he says: “No, I don’t have a steak” and “Go Fish!” Go Fish means pick a card from the pile in the middle. 

Look at it. It’s going to be the student on your left to ask a question. If at some point, You don’t have any more cards in your hand, pick a card from the pile in the middle.

 Now, the game end when there’s no more card in the middle or in each player’s hand. 

Count the points and the student with the most points will be the winner. I hope you enjoyed.


Go Fish could be a simple game that’s fashionable for children (my 6-year-old son for example). There are many variations of it, the principles here describe how it works on this website. it should not be precisely the way you’re wont to play.

What does one have to play?

A standard deck of cards (no Jokers)

2 to six players


Go Fish rules are very simple

 Rules of go fish game
Rules of go fish game

Go Fish rules are not particularly complex. If there are three or more players, each player is dealt five cards.

If there are only two players, deal 7 cards to every. The remaining cards are placed in an exceedingly pile between all the players.

How to win go fish gameplay

Players attempt to form sets of four-of-a-kind. once they do, the four cards are immediately placed on the table go about.

Play continues until all books are made. Winner is that the player who makes the foremost books.

Take Go Fish to the subsequent level

Instead of stacking the leftover cards in a very pile, spread the cards into a make-believe fish pond and act out the fishing part.

Game Type: Other

Age: 4+

Players: 2, 3, 4, 5+

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Go Fish could be a fun game that may amuse & entertain even the youngest card players. it is just like the Authors Game.


The standard 52-card pack is employed.

Some cards are going to be dealt and also the rest will form the stock pile.

OBJECT OF the Go Fish Game

The goal is to win the foremost “books” of cards. A book is any four of a form, like four kings, four aces, & so on.

RANK OF CARDS on Go Fish Game

The cards rank from ace (high) to 2 (low). The suits don’t seem to be important, only the cardboard numbers are relevant, like two 3s, two 10s, & so on.

Go Fish Gameplay Example 

Suppose the deck are dealt & you have got received your 7 cards. Your hand contained 3 Aces, 1 Three, 1 King, 1 Queen, & 1 Two.

It’s your turn & since you simply need 1 more Ace to create a book & you ask the player ahead of you if they need any Aces.

They smile and say “go fish”. You reluctantly draw the highest card from the ocean and happily see that it’s an Ace.

You then place the 4 cards ahead of you in order that everyone can see that you just made a book.

A round passes and it is your turn again. You ask the identical player ahead of you if they need any Kings.

At this point they are doing not smile & instead offer you, 3 Kings. you create another book & also the gameplay proceeds in your favor.