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Fallen London Gameplay

Explored the immersive & darkly delightful world of Fallen London during a free. browser-based literary RPG which first launched in 2009, one of the best games in 2009 Fallen Landon.

As much for those that like to read as people who like play & experience a singular narrative that evolves with every choice you create.

 Follow the stories that interest you & find out the citys deepest secrets at your own pace.

Cultivate a reputation as you see fit. Are you a scintillating wit a hardened tough & or a dabbler within the arts?

 Choose a profession an individual of some importance, & maybe a Paramount Presence: known to any or all within the city.

Die. some time’s if you prefer. It is not the impediments it once was.

What brought you to the Neath?

Choose your Ambition. Revenge? A daring monster hunt?, Riches?, Or your heart’s desire?

Theses Stories are the closest thing to a main story line with in the massively world of Fallen London.

Wide ranging & stuffed with secrets & they were completed in 2020 after ten years of episodic development.

Welcome. Delicious friend.”

“Fallen London is an anomaly today. is free to play, text based browser’s game…

 it is an open world’s RPG that subsists totally on the word to spin bizarre tales… & an adventure game that encourages imaginations in it is player’s instead of illustrated every scene on screen & as players fill within the blanks of their tales with spirited recreations of their journey in their heads.”

Celebrate with all of London

Take part within the Neath various free festivities & peppered throughout the year.

Trade gifts of affection or scorn during the Feast of the Rose. Tamper with the enormous eggs which arrive out of thin air everything Whitsun. 

Vote for London’s next mayor – whose tenure will influence what happened in the Coming years – during the Election. Samples the maritime fayre of Mutton Island during the Fruits of the Zee.

 Don a mask and seek secrets at exclusive Hallowmas revels & await the dread beast of winter every Christmas & within the lumpen & hulking shape of Mr. Sacks.

“The bestest best word’s altogether of gaming.”

“Superlative… equally as vividly drawn because the world’s built by Rockstars in Red Dead Redemption & Irrational in Bioshock & Supergiant in Bastion.”

Tom Chick

“This is hands-down one in all the most effective browser games we have ever played.”


Choose your path through the city

Welcome to a dark & hilarious Victorian-Gothic Underworld, where everything choice contained a consequence, from the fashions of your hat to the value of your souls.

Creep & coerce & brawl & swindle your way through the gaslit street’s of Fallen London.

 Go mudlarking off Ladybones Roads, eavesdropping within the ragged old market of Spite & arm wrestle in Watchmakers Hills – wheresoever you roaming, you will take your chances & shape your fate.

Collect whispered secrets & trade magnificent jewels to further your cause, & whilst pickings your way through the rats & filth of the fallen city (or embracing the putrid glory of it all). 

Chooses yours allied & your path carefully though – you never know who you may be run into down that is dark alley & what poor soul might run into you…

play the game

Feeling lost?

The Fallen London community is uncommonly kind & helpful.  

Seek advice and new friends in our Discord & community forums, or in the subreddit.

Fallen London Game Review

Fallen London Gameplay
Fallen London Game review

It is been eight years since Victorian London was swept underground by a swarm of bats.

Writings a computer video game is nothing like penning a completely unique. But writing a never-ending & nonlinear & text-driven computer video game a few hellish alternate London full of gothic intrigue & nearly a decade of backstory? That is a special beast altogether.

“Novels follow protagonist’s, but in Fallen London & the protagonist is that the player & they are a mystery to us,” Failbetter Game’s narrative director Chris Gardiner says.

 “While we all know some things about them, mostly the choices they have made within the game’s — There’s still tons we will not assume.

 Novels have a plot; there is no spinal plot to Fallen London no have any single story we are telling & can finish. 

We are exploring a setting & establishing its established order & then letting the player kick bits of it over. 

Novels are complete & while Fallen London may be a living game.

 We add new stories & events thereto constantly.”

Fallen London wiki

Fallen London debuted as a free browser based video game in 2009,

thought some time past it had been called Echoed Bazaar.

 It is still available in browsers form, but it’s also on iOS & Android

it is spawned a successfully spin off mobile franchises starting with Sunless Sea.

 Just in the week, Fail better announced it might place renewed specialize in Fallen London, docking a number of its stories & systems.

Fallen London game may be a deep choice your own adventure game with no move the pictures to guide players into new worlds.

 Instead, it is text-based & allowing fans to make a decision on how they will react to certain scenarios while they wander around a Victorian version of London that was pulled into an underground dimension by a swarm of bats.

Fallen London game blends Lovecraft Ian monsters with the eloquence of Poe & a dark sense of wit that is entirely unique to the sports world. 

Here is a taste of its tone, courtesy of Gardiner:

There is a scene during a story called The Gift where the player ventures under the royal palace & learns what is become of Queen Victoria children. 

The player finishes up disguised as a servant at a banquet.

 they have been instructed to stay their back thereto , & under no circumstances to show around.

There a mirror ahead of them. 

And within the mirror & fine lords & ladies are eating a chic dinner.

 But the sounds you hear behind you are very different. Slobbering. Cracking bones. 

The thud of wet meat on the table. The mirror is lying, 3 times we ask the player if they need to show around, & warn that the results are going to be terrible.

 It is entirely their choice & since they are our players, they typically turn. Bless them.

Fallen London Wiki

Fallen London wiki know more about this

Throughout 2017, the Fallen London wiki team promises to continue a couple of storylines, like The Cheery Man and Last Constable, The Dilmun Club, A Return to the Empress’ Court, and therefore the Light Fingers ambition.

this is often on top of the game’s expected stories and events, including subsequent mayoral election,

a large-scale affair where players chose the leader of Fallen London. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Fail better is improving its own writing tool

Gardiner is that the narrative director on Fallen London, but he is not putting this deliciously grotesque universe together himself. 

the whole project is that the brainchild of Alexis Kennedy acclaimed video game writer & designer who helping build the new Dragon Age. 

Kennedy founded Failbetter in 2010, as Fallen London was gaining a large cult following & over the subsequent years, he attended the game story are alongside alittle team of writers & fans turned employees. 

He left Failbetter in 2016 on good terms & placing Fallen London in Gardiner hands.

“His were very big shoes to fill,” Gardiner says.

“Failbetter was his baby & he was involved in every aspect of it.

 Even when his duties meant he did not have much time to write down content Alexis was always the arbiter &

guardian of Fallen Londons lore & tone.

 Maintaining that tone has been an important priority for us, & that i was concerned about it.

 I’d been head writer for a short time

therefore the team was not left without a lead experienced in writing for Fallen London wiki

And, fortunately, Alexis left us a game consisting of many thousands of words of stories,

which is as comprehensive an authority as you’ll get.”

About the Fallen London Game

Today, the Fallen London team maintains a living document of each event & arc within the game & constantly growing it as new activities are introduced.

“Every time we write a replacement story – we increase it just like the ever expanding occult tome of a really well organized sorcerer who believes highlighters and Post It notes are true magic,” Gardiner says.

If necessary, writers also can dive directly into the games rear and look for specific text & mechanical elements &

though given the dimensions of the story & this is often a laborious process.

“Increasingly, we believe the expertise of the writers,” Gardiner says. “Each writer tends to become an authority on different parts of the lore.”

There are four writers performing on Fallen London & including Gardner & plus an analyst &

a couple of freelancers who contribute as required . 

They operate during a multistep editing loop that ensures each bit of the story fits into the general Fallen London universe

This week, Fail better announced its renewed specialist in Fallen London game.

the sport has been on the rear burner for a short time as developers worked on Sunless Sea &

it’s sequel, Sunless Skies. 

a number of the mechanics & stories have languished within the meantime,

and Gardiner says it is simply time to dust off the cobwebs and dive back to the Echo Bazaar.