Dota 2 Gameplay

The gameplay of Enchantress is completely different from other support gameplay. For the first time, Enchantress is very dependent on having a neutral creep in the alley. For this reason, be sure to come to the lane with the Sentry Ward to reward the large neutral camp if the enemy offender continues to block it.

Level 1 skill inspiration and start harassing enemy offlers. Once you reach level 2 move to the Large Neutral Camp and use Enchant in the Large Neutral Creep. Use Creep and its spells to harass and drive away enemy heroes. With the Level 2 twist you can find better neutral creeps moving better in the woods.

Unlike many other supports, the strong landing should rarely leave its alley after the end of the landing phase. Safflain is the most dangerous lane to stay in this trap, but Enchantress can do it as she can push the lane with the help of the enchanted creep. This allows the enchantress to get the required levels and items.

Allies and counters

Magical versatile support. He can benefit greatly from having a foothold in active carriages, one of which has the potential to kill, but can also act as a lane protector for late-game cores such as Specter.

The best counters in Enchantress are the Mayan heroes like Phantom Lancer or Chaos Knight. Everyone can do very little to stop these.


Untouchables: Enemies who attack ministers are deceived, slowing down their attacks until they are aimed at them.
Fascinating: The comedian transforms a unit to his side. The unit cannot be converted, instead, it slows down for several seconds.

Heroes, neutral creeps that convert immunity to magic and magic-immune units
Servants of nature reveal the shaking of the stems for healing in the 275 radii of close allies. Each whisp lasts 10 seconds and heals every second

Impetus Enchantress throws a spear at an enemy unit, dealing with the equivalent damage of a regular attack as well as a bonus loss based on the distance between him and his enemy when descending the attack. This spell can be auto-cast.

How to unlock ranked matchmaking in Dota 2?

Before you dive into the complex world of medals and ratings, you’ll need to unlock the Ranked Matchmaking portion of Dota 2, which will be locked in the beginning when you create a new account.

After completing this tutorial, you will need:


Play Dota 2 for 100 hours

Any game mode will count towards this 100-hour goal, but unranked playing will be even more beneficial in the long run as the system will work better to detect your MMR brackets.

If you want to create a smurf account know that the system will only be able to hone your talents in less than 25 randomized games and you will be able to start matches against significantly stronger opponents in your unprotected games.

You need a valid phone number to link to your Steam account once you experience 100 hours of Dota 2 under your belt.
You can remove or change this phone number in the future, but there will be a three month long wait before you can use the phone number agai

After playing Dota 2 for 100 hours and linking a phone number to your account, you will have to play 10 Calibration matches. You will be able to unlock your first medal after these matches and your unreasonable performance will also be a factor while calibrating the rankings.

How does Dota 2 work?

Dota 2’s ranking system looks complicated from the start, but it works just like any other competitive game. The rankings need to be locked over time by new players playing 100 hours worth of casual games, but after that, crushing can start.

Once the rank is unlocked (and you’ve linked your phone number to your Steam account), you’ll have to finish ten matches before you get your first rank. This will be determined solely by your win/loss ratio and your overall MMR – not by your performance in the match.

Players can then lose or gain because their MMR changes over time. The rules of the ranking system do not change as the player moves up the ladder, but the new asons will be reset over time as they arrive.

What is Dota 2 MMR?

Your MMR, or Matchmaking Rank, is a score of a number that only determines what rank you have. It also serves as a matchmaking tool to ensure competitive integrity during competitive games.

The number is fluid and will increase or decrease as you continue to win and lose ranked games. Say Legend 2 once you reach a certain rank value, your rank will change. You can see the MMR values ​​for each rank in our table above.

It is important to remember that your MMR is only the cause of your win and loss. Individual performance, good or bad, does not play a role in changing your MMR values.

What is Dota 2 Ranking Distribution?

It’s hard to know how competitive Doto 2 really is in so many ranks. Valve does not provide official data, but thanks to a few effective APIs, we have been able to get a good idea of what the distribution is like on current leaderboards.

According to Sports Tales, how the 2 to 5 distribution finds the Dota2 rank.