Today we will do a detailed review on ChemiCloud

Hi Guys, My Name is RK I do reviews on Hosting, VPN & Digital tools So today we are going to review a hosting named ChemiCloud , ChemiCloud Review

This is not as popular as A2 and Siteground But it is establishing itself gradually ChemiCloud is one of the most recommended names in my comments to do a review So today we will do a detailed review on it and see it

A-Z about its pros and cons Which scenario you should buy it and the companies it competes with I have taken 2 hosting plans from ChemiCloud One is WordPress Pro and another one is WordPress Turbo Both of their servers are in Bangalore

The website that I have set up is & I have used OceanWP Theme and Gym Template I usually test my websites on this theme and template

ChemiCloud Overview

Talking about its overview When you log in, you get to see this panel I have 2 hosting plans and I can access it directly by going to Cpanel I can check out mails and I also get information on servers like its name and its IP Address So UI is good but still, there are chances of improvement

Server Response Time

I have seen a good Server Response Time US/Bangalore has 24ms, Singapore has 44ms and overall it’s an A+ performance

I have seen this in my other hosting plans So there is rarely any difference related to server response time


I have experienced a good speed Pro plan has 1s and Turbo Plan has page load speed of 0.8s TTFB has 54ms and other hosting plans has the same speed

So I have seen a good speed in both the plans and there are no speed variations

Cache Manager

Talking about the Cache Manager, there has been the usage of the Lite speed servers Lite speed cache managers are present by default in your WordPress Installation Memcache support is also available in top tier plan

ChemiCloud Uptime

Talking about its uptime, I am using it for 1.5 months continuously and I have not experienced downtime, as there has been 100% uptime In both the Pro and Turbo Plans, I have not seen any Downtime

ChemiCloud Load Test Review

Talking about the load test, I have seen good results This is my pro plan and I have not seen any spikes or HTTP failures

The fluctuations in the blue line are not having many variations, it’s only up to 75-80ms It has easily passed the load test,

I have sent 50 virtual users And it has easily handled all that real-time users When I sent virtual users in my WordPress Turbo Plan,

I have seen a good performance There are no HTTP failures and there has not been any fluctuations in the response time

So it has easily handled the load

Data Centers

Talking about the data centers so you will see 8 data centers, which is the best thing for shared hosting Usually, you get 4 to 6 data centers but here it is 8 UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Romania, and India, ChemiCloud Review

The important thing here is: Usually when you purchase hosting, when you took a server and if you want to shift it to other data center, it will incur extra charges But here it is not like that For example, you took a server of Banglore and you thought about shifting to New York Server So you can shift your server for once for free,


so this is really good Backups are automatic, off servers backup It’s for 20 days in Pro Plan and 30 Days for Turbo Plan

It’s very easy to use and has 1 click restoration But you will have to restore data and file separately But if you have to restore your account altogether with files, database, Cpanel and emails then you will have to contact their support and they will help you out

  • Inode Count: in the Starter plan has 1.5 lakh, Pro plan 2.5 lakh and Turbo Plan 3.5 lakh which is decent for a shared hostin
ChemiCloud Review
ChemiCloud Review

Customer Support ChemiCloud Review

Customer Support is 24×7 Live chat support Its been fast and technically sound

One thing that I liked the most: The person whom I communicated earlier about my problem,

If after 1 hour I raise a query on live chat support, that same person joins me This makes it easier for me to explain as he knows the problem already So this is a good thing and other hosting companies should also implement it

Talking about the domains: you get 1 free domain for free forever Whenever you use their hosting, that domain would stay with you So this thing is good, usually, other hosting providers give it for 1 year only, but here you are getting it forever You get malware protection for free

You don’t need to pay any extra for it You get a good malware protection software from a reputed company Its “Immunity 360 Malware Protection” This is their page, out of curiosity, I visited their page so as to know for how much pricing they are providing with

ChemiCloud Price Review

So their prices start from $12/month If I am a company purchasing this, then they would provide me for $5

So when I researched about the $5 pricing then I got to know that there is a catch I cannot do a malware scan on my own, I cannot scan Cpanel, for that,

I will have to contact the support team and they would scan on my behalf It makes sense why they are providing at this price.

But it’s good that I can scan it by telling them In the backend, it will automatically see the malware and PHP Script Contact customer support team for the whole account scan

Talking about the pricing

you see web hosting and WordPress Hosting and both are the same Pricing starts from $3.95 and it goes to $10.95 This is their normal pricing and they usually give it at 50% off But if you will use my discount coupon code then you will get at 60% off

I have prepared a small chart that if you want to use my discount coupon code You will find its link and its discount coupon code in the below

Talking about ChemiCloud Discount Coupon code

I will tell you how to use it So these are the rates and with discount coupon codes, here are the rates So $5.56, $8.76 and $3.16 are the rates So which plan you should buy? So don’t take the starter plan, what plan should be taken among turbo and pro plans? In Turbo it mentions 10x faster, but in my experience,

I have not seen any major changes. So don’t take a turbo plan because of speed You will get a good speed if you take a pro plan Take a turbo plan only if you want more traffic ( i.e. 1 lakh traffic monthly ) How to purchase it? You will find the affiliate link in the below ( which means I will get a commission without you paying extra charges for it )

In fact when you will use my discount code then you will get 10% extra off It really helps me to do such detailed reviews and grow this channel So here is my link, I will open this link in the new tab (you will find this link in the description below)

Go to WordPress Hosting and select your plan and click on Order Now Important Tip: If you need the best pricing then you must use it for 36 month It is available for 12 and 24 months but you will get a maximum discount for 3 years

So here it is, select the server location ( I selected Bangalore) Here no addon is selected, so I am selecting “None” options So it is showing up the price of $250 for 3 years Now I am having the option for promotion Here you and click on validate So now my price has changed from $250 to $200 for 3 years.

Payment options

  • Talking about the payment options: Credit Card, Paypal, and Debit Card can be used, but it must have international transaction rights You won’t google pay and other internet banking options
  • Talking about the refund policy: you can claim you refund within 45 days
  • You get SSL for unlimited websites
  • You get Cloudflare CDN for every website
  • Staging is available by Softaculous app


Migrations are very interesting here You get free migrations…… Up to 50 Cpanel accounts So here is their official article related to migrations Here they have mentioned that will migrate for free for up to 50 Cpanel accounts They will also migrate 10 Non-Cpanel Accounts If you don’t have Cpanel on your website

like you have Bluehost or Siteground or Hostinger, where there is no Cpanel If you have to shift from there, they will migrate up to 10 websites from there If there is Cpanel like Fastcomet,

if you have to shift from there You can shift up to 50 Cpanel towards ChemiCloud So this is very good,

I have not seen any hosting that has provided free migrations like this


Softwares like PHP 7.4, Python, Perl, NodeJs, Larvel are supported

This is also a good option for developers You see Sitepad Sitebuilder here, which is a good Sitebuilder for Shared Hosting with function and themes You don’t have to purchase it separately and you don’t have any restrictions on it You get a whole package, you can find many options on themes

I  have used a Sitebuilder and imported a template and within 2 clicks my website is ready with Sitebuilder It is a very good Sitebuilder and it is very easy to use with functions If you want a fully functional Sitebuilder for shared hosting then go for this Bluehost had 1 limit, but here there is no limit for using Sitebuilder Sitepad Sitebuilder is a good option You get unlimited emails and there are no size limitations Now let’s talk about Pros and Cons Do HIT Comment Button, if you have liked this ChemiCloud detailed review

Pros and Cons

Talking about its pros:

  • you get good speed,
  • good uptime,
  • good site builder,
  • free domain,
  • malware protection,
  • 50 Free Cpanel migrations and
  • it has passed the load test as well

Talking about its Cons:

  • first is related to its commitment for the price,
  • If you want the best pricing then you have to buy it for 3 years otherwise you will see less discount for 1 or 2 years
  • You also have some limitations to the storage space And
  • they are still a new company, and
  • they are not as established as Sitegorund or A2 Hosting Its been a few years only since they have started over So let’s wrap this up.

Will I recommend it?

Will I recommend it? Absolutely. It’s a good value for buck hosting If you see their servers, migrations, free domain, fast support, good speed, good uptime, and malware protection So, it’s a good package of features,

if you will use it If all these features are useful to you then it is a good package for you In this price range, you will find 2 more hostings: Siteground and Fastcomet So all these 3 hostings are really good You can select any 3, depending upon the features you require the most

I will try to make a separate comparison blog for all those 3 so that you all take a good decision for it So if you are interested in ChemiCloud, you will find the link in the below

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