The highly successful game is now available in full Flash version & you can play Candy Crush Play Online Free without registration or a Facebook account.Candy Crush Play Online Bezewold game with hundreds of levels &a variety of modes: reach scores, the limited number of steps, pushing elements through the bottom of the screen, clear all the jelly …

The success of this Match-3 with the hypnotic candy “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” also depends on the graphics & sweet state like this which is a real feast for the eyes. You will initially have 10 lives & get an extra life every 30 minutes.

How to play Candy Crush Play Online for Free

Your ultimate goal is to earn as many ‘candy points’ as possible within a 4 minute period. You will earn points by matching 3 or more candies in a row on a huge square grid. Using your computer’s mouse or touchpad, left-click to switch positions on the two side candies & match.

Three (or more) “sweet” games that match yours disappear from the screen and more candy enter the grid from above. If you exchange two candies and the result of a match of 3 or more is not found, these two candies return to their original position.

Your goal in each level is to fill the big candy cane on the left side of the game screen by making matches. Once the cane is fully filled at the top, you move on to the next level with a brand new grid of candies. Keep an eye on the clock in the upper left corner of the game screen.

When all your time has elapsed, this game is over (Important: There is no option to restart when the time is up. Instead, just reload the game page in your browser to restart the game).

You have your candy point under your watch. Score bonus points for getting combo matches (your initial match forces the next matches as the grid changes again).

You can also earn extra points by matching ‘Power Candy’ sweets that appear when you make more than three matches. If you include these power candies in a match, a lot of sweets are deleted and you get a lot of points to score Happy Match!

Candy Crush Saga Unblocked Game

Candy Crush Saga Unblocked Games:
Candy Crush is a well-known game among smartphone users as it is available as an application on Android, iOS, and other platforms.

This game is also known as one of the most downloaded games. Now you can play this game online without downloading any app. If you have played this game, you already know how to play it

However, if you don’t know, let me know that you have to match the same candies so they can crash. You can match 3 at breaks. Break down 4 and 5 candies and make special candy. Enjoy the game.

Gameplay Candy Crush Online free

Candy Crush Play Online is an online matching game that explores the hustle and bustle of playing the original browser version of this simple ‘Match Three’ game. Is to do. Earn as many ‘candy points’ as you can before the clock runs out (matches must be horizontal or vertical), & earn a huge bonus for hitting the combo and deleting all the candies you face.

This fun and addictive matching game has proven to be a huge hit with kids around the world, especially fans of classic ‘Match 3’ games like ‘Bejeweled’, or any good-old visual puzzle.

Test your concentration, observation, & decision-making skills as you will find the opportunity of the match that will provide the highest points return Your feedback and reactions need to be fast since the clock is always ticking. Did you start sweet?

Game info

Play Candy Crush Saga of the awesome popular Match 3 game without registration or any Facebook account here at ArcadeSpot!

Popular Match 3 games that cover the world in Candice are now available without the need for registration or Facebook! In this version of Candy Crush Saga, you will have the lives of 10 people & your goal is to reach the top level by matching 3 or more sweet candies on board!

Get more than 3 matches at a time to create special or striped candies that have a unique matching ability. Play any sweet game & compare your score with your friends!

What is candy crush saga?

There were lots of Candy Crush challenges at the time, appearing on our amazing gaming site, but not even the original version of it.

In this great and so incredible matching candies game you finally get the chance to use the mouse to mix candies of the same color one by one so that these become points, adding scores at the end of each level.

On the left side of the game screen, there is a kind of small panel, which indicates the level you are displaying at each moment. Above, the points you get in each moment will be displayed and of course, there is time left until your time is up and you will lose this level if you don’t match all the candies by now.

Let’s start matching candies one by one because it needs to prove that you have everything you need to crush different types of candies.

As you progress through the stage you will encounter many challenges, such as destroying some chocolate squares like candy or jelly or locking behind some gel bars.

In each mission, you will be asked for a task menu so that you can see what you have to do all the time so that it does not stop and you reach as far as possible!


  • Mouse – Navigate
  • Left mouse button – interaction