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Benefits of cable squats

Cable squats are not just a great leg exercise, they are also activated your core & providing a more full body work-out.

  • Muscle Work
  • Legs  Core
  • Starting Position

Set both arms on a dual cable machine at the lowest’s heights setting with a single handle attached to each cable. (If you don’t have access to dual cables machines, use a single cable machine’s & use double-handled rope attachments.)

Stand about two feet away from the machine facing the machines. Hold one handle in each hand & ur hands held up near ur face, with your arm’s bent all the way in toward you as if you were at the top of a bicep curl. Your palms should be faced toward ur body.


  • 1. From the started position, bend your knees & perform a squat, keep your weight a little more back on ur heels than on your toe’s. Go down to the point where your quads are parallel to the floor without compromising your form. The tension of the cable in your hands should provide some counter-balance, allow you to squats down further. Do not allow your knees to go in front of the line of your toes.
  • 2. When you have squatted fully down, reversed directions, activated your cores, and push back up to start position, keep your knees slightly bent at the top of the squats.

Cable squats

Hey guys, RK is here on my client & I are discussing what their goals are besides weight loss the two things that come up continuously if a flat stomach and the great but I want to show you one of my favorite exercises today to work your butt.

I just really want to start to think the reason that we all want a nice firm sexy butt is because it looks good no matter what you doing in the gym Runners out with your girlfriends and

it is something that even as women we notice when another woman if they’ve got a great looking ass, so make sure that your training at least once a week if you are going to be doing glute more than once a week make sure that in between your day.

Did you have a good three or four days rest and recovery,

and I personally my number one exercise for glute to be squatting getting in a squat rack to load up a hundred 50 lb is feeling the burn but you know, I do know that for a lot of women with squat rack is a bit intimidating and if your training on your own Not really sure the proper form.

He doesn’t want to hurt yourself.

So there is tension the entire time.

You’re going to slowly like you’re sitting back into a chair positive on and making sure you hit a 90-degree angle send all the way up and squeeze your glutes all the way at the top. So sit back in a chair.

Keep your chest open 90 Durango hold it for a split-second push up with your gluts all the way and squeeze.

So you’re getting the entire range of motion in mind is that you want to keep your way back in your heels. This will make sure that the exercise is focusing a little bit more on your glute squeeze at the top then so much in your quad.

He will feel it in your life on hold when I really make sure that you’re sending it nice and straight not forgetting to breathe push up to your group squeeze the top If you’re just starting out with this exercise with it to about 12 to 15 rep that you’re going to hear me saying that a lot when you watch my videos but to 12 and you can do 13 or 14 then just do it.

Don’t be stuck with that number if you always do what you’ve always done, you’re always getting out what you’ve always got the never really see Improvement.

So either increase or wraps or have some more weight. If you are just starting out probably want to start with a wait about half of what you weigh.

How To Do A Cable Squat

 the cable squat’s by stand in front of the cable machine’s, with your feet about shoulder-width apart, feet face forwards. 

The cable (& attachment) should be low at your feet.  Engage your core & keep your shoulders retract to prevent slouch.

Grab onto the attachment and slowly lower your body as if you’re about to sit down in a chair by bending at the knees and hips; squatting motion. 

Keep your knees aligned with your second and third toes to prevent any stress on the knees.

  Don’t bend your arms during the exercise, keep them straight!  Squeeze your glute muscles as you come back up to the starting position until your knees are back into full extension.

Repeat this motion for as many desired repetitions within the set.

When properly performed, this exercise can actually improve the stability in your knees & strengthen’s the connective tissue within the knee.

If mobility & strength level makes it difficult for you to performed squat”s with proper form, then you can incorporate cable squats in-to your fitness regime. 

Cable squats are great to use for want to increase your strength while improved your form before taking it to the squats rack. ii

How To Do A Barbell Squats

Step up to the bar, & begin by the stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart.

Instead of keeping your toes point forward, try to point them slightly out-ward.

By doing this, it allows you to open up your hip as you come down to the bottom of the squatting position, which betters the depth & range of motion.

  Now, engage your core and look forward straight ahead; don’t look down at your feet and don’t look at the ceiling.

Squat down slowly with control, drop down until your legs are at least parallel (or lower, depending on your mobility).  Return to the starting position by squeezing your glutes & quads to bring yourself up to stands.

Which Is Better: Free Weight’s Or The Cable’s?

 However, as mentioned above, using the cable machine is a great tool to use as you build up your strength while improving your form and avoiding injury from using free weights.

Note that the cable machine assists the weight that you are pushing or pulling with the cables, making it slightly less of a load on your body. 

Some might find that cable squats are more beneficial by increasing the range of motion during the entire exercise compared to traditional barbell squats.

  In addition, with the cable machine, you’re recruiting more stabilizing muscle fibers (e.g. core; transverse abdominis) throughout the exercise. It’s best to incorporate both exercises into your fitness regime to add more variety in the long run.

Common Squatting Mistakes

Whether you are squatting at the cable machines or barbell squat, there can still be mistake’s in perform the exercise itself. 

Here is some common mistake’s to avoid:

  • Lifting your heel’s off the floor on the way to stand position. You should be driving through your heel’s on the way up.  This helps to better stabilize you & the weight that you are pushing & also better activate the hamstring complex & glute muscles.
  • Not reaching parallel. As you are squatting, ur depth should be parallel or lower if possible. In order to activate & maximize the muscle’s in your lower body, you must reach parallel. Meaning ur hip joint should go below the knee. The deeper your squat is, the more your glute muscles are activated too.  If you’re struggling to hit this ideal depth, you could have poor mobility and flexibility; ankle mobility, tight hip flexor’s, weak core, or poor pelvic alignment.
  • Poor posture. Your chest should be up, shoulders back. Avoid slouching, looking up or down, or hyper-extending your back. Keep your spine in a neutral position the entire time, which is a good way to avoid these common mistakes.

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