Hi Guys, Today Talk About The Best Headphones under 1000 in this time

Hi Guys, I Am RK and I am all Detailed Review on Best Headphones in Under 1000 in 2022

Best Headphone under 1000 Review

1.The JBL C200si

Best Headphones under 1000
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2.Sennheiser CX 180 street ii

Best Headphones under 1000

3.sFocal ense 100 si.

Best Headphones under 1000

So stick around. So I recently did a blog of the JBL C200 si vs. JBL C100si and in that blog, the c200 si was the clear winner. But what everyone asked was is the JBL C200 si is better than the CX 180 or some people asked is CX 180 is better than the Focal Sense 100si.

But in today’s blog, we will clear all this out. So in today’s video, we will be comparing all of the three earphones, and let’s see who’s the best budget earphones and a 1000 rupees.

Also, these three earphones are of roughly around 1000 rupees. So we won’t be talking about the price in this blog.

But what we will be discussing is a quick unboxing of all of these three earphones, design and ergonomics, build quality, inline mic, sound quality,

and at the end of we will conclude which So the JBL C200si came in this packaging and as we dive in, this is the retail packaging of the c200si itself. So without wasting any time let me quickly review this for you guys

Best Headphones under 1000 for music and gaming

So inside the box, we have the earphones itself, some extra ear tips, and user manual.

Now getting it out of the way we have the Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2. Let’s pop this thing open. And we have the earphones itself and some extra ear tips.

And that’s it. Now the last one on the list is the focal sense 100 si. This one is by far the best experience among them.

So after getting inside the box we have the earphones itself, some extra ear tips and carrying pouch to carry these earphones.

That was all the unboxing part of these earphones but now let’s move to the design and ergonomics of the three earphones. So what we should look for ina well-designed earphone.Best Headphones under 1000

feels premium

An earphone which feels premium and at the same time comfortable to wear which you can wear all day long.

Now in terms of comfort all the three earphones are good, you can easily wear them for a long time without having any pain in your ears but for the design,

I have to give it for the Focals sense 100si. These earphones are one of the prettiest looking earphones among all of these earphones. The design is great and they feel very premium.

Although the earbuds are made up of plastic the inline mic and the jack connector is made up of metal so it feels good.

On the other hand, the C200siand CX 180 are sporty looking earphones and they feel a bit plasticky.

Although this is just a personal preference and other factors that we are going to talk about in this video is more important than this.

Anyways moving to the build quality and durability.Best Headphones under 1000

Best Budget Headphones in 2022 for Pubg Mobile

All three earphones are made well. Although they are made up of plastic except for the jack and the inline mic on the focal sense 100 si.

But otherwise, all three earphones seem durable. I would have given this title to the focal sense 100 si.

But people who bought these earphoneshad complaints that these earphones just died in two to three months so the CX 180 and C200si are better in this case.

Now all the earphones have an inline mic but except for the CX 180 which doesn’thave one.

Google Assistant or Siri

Also, both of the remaining earphones have a single button to answer calls/ play/pause songs/change songs and to use Google Assistant or Siri.

And nowhere is a quick comparison of the inline mic. This is the inline mic of the focal sense 100 si.

This is inline Mic on the JBL C200 si. Best Headphones under 1000 in 2022

I think the inline mic on the JBL C200si  sounds better.

But those were all the less important factors and now let’s move to the most important thing which makes or breaks any audio device whether it is headphones earphones speaker or any audio device that is sound quality.

So for the sound quality, I have to give this to Sennheiser CX 180 The focus sense 100si has less clarity and the lows are very low.

yeah. on the other hand, the JBL c200si have good clarity but they produce a very exploding bass which is not my taste.

Although some people might like this exploding bass, for my taste, I think Sennheiser CX 180 has the right balance of both high frequencies and bass and also they are very clear at the same time.

So the best budget earphones under 1000 rupees title go to Sennheiser CX 180 street ii. Best Headphones under 1000 in 2022

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