Today we will talk about A2 Hosting Detailed Review Hi Guys, My Name is RK A2 Hosting Review was in great demand Many people told me to do a Review,

So finally I am going to do a review and this is a detailed review A to Z I have run two websites and I have used Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting I have extensively Contacted the Support Team I have extensively used their services,

A2 Hosting Detailed Review

so this is going to be a detailed review, So You See A2 Hosting Panel When logging, I am able to see my Panel So here are the services, domains.

I have taken 2 services and I have not taken any domains One service is of DT TECH Labs Next is of Managed VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting A2 Hosting Review

The Template I have used is of Gymclub template by OceanWP For all website testing, , I can access the Cpanel I can create Tickets from here.

I have already created 2 Tickets from here I can also chat with the support team I was chatting with the support team, as I was Temporarily blocked when I was unable to login So these were the services I was using Since this service is active,

so I will click on link So here are the details regarding URL, Site Administration, Name Servers So this is the type of panel This is not Cpanel, A2 Hosting not provide Cpanel.

Here you get to login for Cpanel So this is a Shared Hosting Cpanel in which I will login I have taken Shared Hosting I have taken Swift Plan in Shared Hosting I will come to the best value for money plan,

If you will use VPS you will get WHM

Response Time

If I talk about Server Response Time, both of my hostings are on the data centers of Singapore If I talk about Shared Hosting Server Response Time In USA it is 196ms In London it is 159ms Only in Singapore it is less Rest everywhere it is going above 150ms, A2 Hosting Review

So, it is an okayish performance, it is not that good I won’t say this as a good response time So here, the server response time could have been better

If I talk about a2 VPS hosting, I got to see a better server response time In Bangalore, it is 5ms which is good Rest in the USA it is above 150ms VPS is better in performance Shared Hosting is decent in performance A2 Hosting Review

Uptime & Speed

If I talk about Downtime I am not happy with the Downtime Talking about Shared Hosting I have used it for 2 months, so in 1st month In 30 days,

I saw 99.561% uptime Which is according to me is very less It should be 99.99% If I tell you this in detail On 13 Feb, there was downtime for 5mins On 6 Feb,

there was downtime for 4 mins and multiple downtimes were there on a single day On 5 Feb, there was downtime for 5 mins and multiple downtimes On 4 Feb,

there were multiple downtimes On 4 Feb, there was a major downtime of 1hr 55mins Almost for 2hours, there was downtime in shared hosting They have also mentioned one thing that If you face a 1-hour downtime they will give credit back, A2 Hosting Review

but in my case, I didn’t saw any credit I was not provided with any sort of credit So a huge downtime exists in case of Shared Hosting.

If I talk about VPS Hosting So in VPS, I saw a downtime for the last 30 days There was a downtime of 99.627%, which is again not a good sign for VPS I was expecting more Uptime in case of VPS A2 Hosting Review

I didn’t saw any uptime in case of VPS If I do a detailed analysis There was downtime on 19 Feb then on 13 Feb 5 Feb and 4 Feb there was some sort of maintenance going on but I was not notified On 4 Feb

I saw downtime in Shared and VPS Hosting So I couldn’t understand this It is understood in case of Shared Hosting that their server resources increases or its usage creates a downtime But in case of VPS Downtime is not Acceptable

So I purchased a separate VPS So this is my new VPS I am using this since 6 Mar till now, and I have not got any Downtime So this is a good thing

I also purchased a New Shared Hosting on 6 Mar So I will tell you its Downtime I saw a downtime of 16mins on 11 Mar There was a downtime of 3 mins on 16 Mar There was downtime on 16 Mar A2 Hosting Review

So I saw multiple Downtimes So my percentage of downtime is 99.863% Which must be at least 99.99% for a good hosting


So if I talk about Speed My website is hosted on the servers of Singapore On Shared Hosting the speed is 2.2s I have not taken any turbo plan The speed is decent and not very fast A2 Hosting Review

If I talk about average speed So the average 1st visit all over the globe is 6.3s The 2nd visit is under 1s, and its good because the cache plugin is working If I talk about VPS VPS is 1.7s and it is again not the best speed

If I talk about the world, the average 1st visit speed is 5.2s, and 2nd Visit speed is 1.5s So it is decent but speed is not the best,

I was expecting Many people said that you will get a good speed But the data centers in Singapore cannot give the appropriate speed and the plans which I purchased, I couldn’t get the appropriate speed

Talking about the Cache Manager You can see it in Turbo Plan, which is their top tier plan You will have to purchase it I didn’t get cache managers with my plan A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review LOAD TEST

Talking about load testing I sent 50 virtual users on the website to check whether it is able to handle load So the results I started sending users The blue line here is the response time So up to 30 users my response time peaked out

So the response time should not peak out, It should be parallel So the website is not able to handle load I increased users to 50 and up to 5 mins they started sending requests

All 50 users didn’t send requests altogether because there were certain failures I sent 2.6 requests where 2000 requests failed Means 2000 users didn’t say anything It’s not the best for handling heavy websites

If 30 users are visiting the website then don’t take Shared Hosting A2 Hosting Review

If I talk about VPS, I saw good results As I said the blue line(Server Response Time) must be straight So there are no peak outs in it Almost 50 users are sending requests at a time and they are able to handle it Around 12k requests are sent and there are 0 failures

So out of 12k, all 12k requests are seen by the user So the load balancing is good in VPS If I talk about Shared Hosting, I Sent only 2.6k requests and my 2k requests failed Here in VPS,

I sent 12k requests and none of them failed So in case of Load Test, VPS is the winner But in the case of Shared Hosting,

if you have more than 30+ real-time users, you must find any other hosting

Talking about data centers

Talking about data centers You will get data centers in Singapore, Michigan, Amsterdam and Arizona So you get these 4 data centers with A2 Hosting You get a server rewind backup,

which is not an off-server backup If your servers get hacked or crashed, your backups will be lost According to me, there must be an off-server backup, for which they provide with an option Where they provide the option of Drop

my site But you will have to pay separately for Drop my site, which is Rs. 140 per month A2 Hosting Review


Talking about Inode Count It means the number of files that you can keep on the hosting So in Shared Hosting

I can keep files up to 3lakh to 6lakh My plan supports inode files up to 6lakh I can keep such files in my hosting Talking about CDN You get Cloudflare CDN for Free Talking about SSL,

you will get SSN even in their cheapest plans You will get SSL in their Top Tier Plan You can apply SSL in all their websites for free And your SSL will remain activated for free until you are in their hosting You won’t have to pay for it in the next year

Customer Support

Talking about Customer Support You don’t get any phone support There is 24×7 live chat support, but there is a lot of waiting period,

which is about 20 mins or 50 mins or 80 mins Live Chat Support is Slow Technicians are good I have asked many technical questions, and I have raised many tickets

I have got decent technical support, so I don’t have any problem with the support If I talk about the pricing You get 3 Plans in Shared Hosting All these plans are at 51% OFF

A2 Hosting Features

I have purchased the Middle Tier Plan According to me its the best plan, if you want to take A2 Shared hosting This is a good plan where you can Host Unlimited Websites There is Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Database, Unlimited Emails

, You get Server Rewind Backups and you can do add on Domains So according to me, this is the best plan If you want to take VPS Hosting Plans The first plan is more than sufficient

I have also taken this plan (Power+ Plan) This is Managed Hosting so I have taken this plan where its pricing is Rs.1843 Per Month If you want to buy Windows Hosting Plans If you want to use .NET and ASP you can use this hosting

The best part is their Return Policy You can claim full refund under 30 days And after 30 days if you wish to change your plan, you will get the return on Pro-Rata Basis If you have used your hosting for 3 months

and you have cancelled it and your remaining 9 months are left so you will get a refund of 9 months So according to me, the best package is that you buy the Swift Plan for 4 years If you want to claim a refund or you feel like changing your plan,

you will get your remaining money Talking about domains, you will get subdomains for free, like I got the domain This can work as a temporary domain name You can use this to prepare your website and then you can shift your name servers

Talking about migration, you get only 1 free migration In unlimited plan, you cannot have multiple migrations, if you want to migrate 3 websites they will only migrate any 1 of it In software, you get Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4 which is a good thing You have Node JS Support, Python, Perl, Ruby and PostgreSQL You can access PostgreSQL through PHPpgAdmin So if you use it,

this feature would be helpful to you You also get a virus scanner with all the plans Sitebuilder is okayish Talking about Staging, you don’t get a separate software You use Softaculous for WordPress Staging You don’t get a separate software from A2 Hosting review


Talking about PCI Compliance It means accepting credit cards on your websites There are certain compliances which a hosting provider has to do So you won’t get such compliances in A2 Hosting

So if you want that you will have to go to Siteground Take the Siteground WooCommerce Hosting and it is PCI Compliant Most of the people don’t require it because of their 3rd parties services Such as Stripe and PayPal and we accept payments from here


So before I jump onto the Pros and Cons, if you liked the detailed review, Hit The Comment Button If you want to purchase it,

talking about Pros, the first pro is their return policy, which is very good and you can take returns anytime you want and you will get your money back

Second is their speed is decent, Customer Care Support is good You can purchase the Windows Shared Hosting and you get Free SSL

If I talk about the Cons There is a lot of Downtime Speed is with Top Plan Only It’s not ideal for more than 30+ users It Upsells a lot Whenever you will purchase it they will provide various purchase options For speed, backups, performance, firewall

you will have to pay more money So when you purchase it, they provide with options and they keep adding Rs.150 per month for such options, so it upsells a lot A2 Hosting Review

So now let’s talk about the Bottom Line A2 Hosting is recommended by many people The reason for that might be their good affiliate commission

But here I will provide with the genuine review So what I felt and experienced, I have said in this video So according to me It’s good if you are starting your blog and you want to go with some medium price hosting So for that,

it is a good option If you want to go for VPS Plans,

it is also a good option If you can increase your budget, or you have more users So for that,

I will recommend Siteground If your budget is less then go with Hostinger So their best buy links are available

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a2 hosting review
A2 Hosting Review
a2 hosting review
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